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    • Final Result of all Bids for ITP - Part ATS of RAPP U 7 & 8 in Rajasthan

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      Independent Transmission Project : “Part ATS of RAPP U 7 & 8 in Rajasthan

      As per the requirements of paragraph 12.3 of the “Tariff based Competitive Bidding Guidelines for Transmission Service” issued by the Ministry of Power, Government of India, PFC Consulting Limited (PFCCL), hereby makes public the final result of evaluation of all bids for the transmission project Part ATS of RAPP U 7 & 8 in Rajasthan, indicating hereunder terms of winning bid and anonymous comparison of all other bids:

      Evaluated Annual Levellised Transmission Charges (in Rs. Million)


      Name of the Bidder



      Sterlite Grid Limited



      Bidder “A”



      Bidder “B”

      (Please click on Name of the Bidder, to view the quoted transmission charges.)

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